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{July 7, 2008}  
Ronaldo’s girlfriend hopes for UK career

Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest girlfriend Nereida Gallardo is hoping to launch a showbiz career in the UK, according to a report today.

Nereida has developed a taste for life in the spotlight in recent weeks and now hopes to become the nation’s most successful WAG. She is said to be begging the Manchester United footballer to stick with his life in Britain, rather than moving to Spain for a new start with Real Madrid.

A source told the Daily Star: “Nereida has been gobsmacked by the publicity here and she has certainly been revelling in it. When she walks down the street in Britain she gets recognised, and when she goes out to clubs and parties she gets VIP treatment. She has become used to this A-list lifestyle and doesn’t want to give it up.”

The 25-year-old brunette reportedly told Ronaldo that she fears being “lost in the crowd” in her home country of Spain. (Source: Digital Spy)


{July 7, 2008}  

Cinder-fucking-rella is faithful to her Palma de Mallorca friends

Plus-Size Nereida went to her friend Teresa Gómez birthday party Saturday night in Palma de Mallorca.She wore a blue dress that shows off shoulders, tits and her fat thighs.
The party took place at La Cosa Nostra restaurant. Nympho-Nereida sang happy birthday for Teresa.Then she opened her Dolce & Gabbana white bag and gave to the 26 years old birthday girl a present: a necklace.

After dinner Negreida and the rest of the group moved to Palma Underclub nightclub. The women continued to enjoy the birthday into a reserved area.

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