Plus Size Wag

{July 8, 2008}  
Guess who’s in chat?

Plus-Size Nereida uses to talk via MSN Messenger. During Internet chats with other web users she says private things about Cristiano Ronaldo showing pictures of them together. To safeguard the relationship with Ronaldo she told him that the whole Messenger story was a lie and the pictures posted on the internet were stolen by girls chatted with her. Of course Ronaldo believed she was telling the truth.

So here’s the video of chatting.


{July 8, 2008}  
A different Woman Each Summer
Miami/Madeira – Summer 2007

Cristiano Ronaldo and Gilda Dias Pe-Curto

Gilda was selected to represent Portugal at the Miss World Pageant 2000. She’s a 28-year-old former model (5 years older than Ronaldo).

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