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{July 18, 2008}  
Cinderfuckingrella Smoking Marlboro

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{July 18, 2008}  
The Bitch Walking With Her The Dog

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{July 18, 2008}  
Ronaldo takes beautiful brunette back to his Hollywood hotel room at 2am

Newly single Cristiano Ronaldo took a glamorous actress back to his hotel suite after a night out on the town in Hollywood.

The Manchester United star let his hair down at trendy bar 1912 inside the luxury Beverly Hills Hotel in the early hours of Friday morning LA time.

After flirting with several bar-goers – and plenty of vodka cocktails – he was introduced to the pretty brunette by his manager shortly after 2am.

The pair retreated to his luxury suite shortly afterwards, insiders told MailOnline.

A source said: ‘Cristiano’s agent didn’t want him spend the night alone, so he set him up with a beautiful brunette who was hanging around the bar at the end of the evening.

‘Cristinano didn’t waste any time. They had a couple of quick cocktails then went straight back to his room together.’

Eligible Ronaldo – who is still on crutches as he recuperates from an ankle operation – had been drinking White Russian and vodka pineapple cocktails with a group of friends.

Earlier in the evening he had dinner at trendy restaurant Madeo with another prospective blind date.

The source said: ‘Cristiano told us he wanted to meet a lady tonight. He said it was his ‘mission’ to hook up with a pretty American girl.’

Ronaldo confirmed to his new LA friends that he has indeed split with Spanish model* Nereida Gallardo.

A separate source who has been spending time with the footballer in LA told MailOnline: ‘Cristiano has asked for us to set him up on dates with pretty girls.

‘He hasn’t gone into detail about his breakup with Nereida. But he did say he is single right now.’

Ronaldo has been in the States for the past few days.

As MailOnline first reported, he spurned the advances of socialite Paris Hilton during a night out at Hollywood club Villa on Tuesday night.

The following evening, he went to a sports awards event also attended by David and Victoria Beckham.

And before tonight’s fun, a flirtatious Ronaldo was spotted flirting in a hotel pool with two bikini-clad girls.

Onlookers said he was anxious to catch the eye of one blonde guest in particular as he soaked up the sun and worked on his tan. (Daily Mail)

* ex nurse assistant

{July 18, 2008}  

Plus-Size Nereida doesn’t want to admit it but she can’t deny she has been dumped

Wednesday Night Dumped Nereida was at the opening of La terraza del marĂ­timo, Palma de Mallorca. She did not want to be photographed and refused to talk about her breakup with the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Despite the fact that she has been dumped by his heartbroken boyfriend, she looked radiant. But all we know she’s a damn good actress. If she was beautiful, she could act in Hollywood.

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