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{July 21, 2008}  
Plus-Size Nereida Humped and Dumped Twice

Being dumped twice, in eigth months is enough to make you want to move to another planet. Mr Wonderful Sergio Ramos dumped her after he got the sex that he wanted., Another Mr Ideal she dates for months got tired of the relationship and dumped her.

Negreida says he has not been dumped by fiancé Cristiano Ronaldo and according to her, the relationship is going well. We weren’t sure we could believe her when she proclaimed that they had not broken up. It’s not clear why she would lie like this. Probably because she feels ashamed.


{July 21, 2008}  
Cristiano Ronaldo new flame

According to Italian diary Il Corriere Cristiano Ronaldo has a new love. Her name is Letizia Filippi, ex girlfriend of ex Naples footballer Massimo Crippa and motorcycle racer Loris Capirossi. She was aspiring Miss Italy (classified 3rd in the year 1994).

Cristiano and Letizia
met on the Isle of Capri. The 30 years old Italian could be the cause of Ronaldo and Nereida break up.

{July 21, 2008}  
So just who is Cristiano Ronaldo really dating?

Nereida Gallardo is said to be bombarding Cristiano Ronaldo with texts since being shown the photos of the footie star enjoying himself with a string of women in LA.

The Manchester United star is holidaying in the States while he recovers from an ankle operation. Reports last week claimed he had split with the Spanish not-model, 25 – although she claims they are still together.

But maybe someone should tell that to Cristiano, 23. He’s been linked to 4 women in the past few days while staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Upset Nereida is said to be demanding an explanation.

‘If she texts him to ask what is going on, he texts back saying not to worry,’ says a source. ‘But when she tries to call him he doesn’t pick up the phone. She knows he’s ignoring it – it just makes her more furious.’

‘I believed my man when he said he was being faithful,’ Nereida tells the Daily Star. ‘He has some explaining to do.’

{July 21, 2008}  
Goodbye Nereida, Hello Joana

According to the Portuguese magazine “TV Guide”, dumped Nereida ex-boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo sent cell phone messages to Joana Freitas, a 22-year-old Portuguese model.The same magazine reports that the Manchester United player tried to contact Joana in the last weeks, when he was in Sintra recovering from knee surgery.The model affirmed to “TV Guide” she did not respond to phone messages but explained: “If he really wants to know me, I will not be unpleasant”.

Poor Nereida, dumped by her boyfriend and easily replaced by a new thinner, more beautiful woman!

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